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On January 14, 1944, a special meeting was held in Orange and the seed for the Orange Republican Women Federated was planted. It was first Called "Orange Council of Republican Women."

The yearly dues were fifty cents. The total membership was sixty-eight.

In August 1952, the organization was chartered as part of the National Federation of Republican Women. The name of the organization then became Orange Republican Women's Local Club, Federated. Several years later, the word "local club" was deleted from the name.

Many, many precinct miles have been walked in the ensuing years and even more, envelopes addressed, stuffed, sealed, and stamped for the Republican Party.  Thousands have been registered to vote from this organization alone. The organization and its individual members have received recognition and awards from the Republican Party and from the different levels of the Federation of Republican Women.

We are proud of our history and the history we are making. We have proved we can make a difference.

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